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How to Sound like an Idiot – Quotes by Daniel Borochoff

Daniel Borochoff Quotes
DB says: “We can point out problems to a charity, but we’re not a service to charities.”

Saying you’re “not a service to charities” is a gross understatement. You are Public Enemy #1 of the charity world. Your dirty little secret is that most of your “members” are charities that want to know how badly you savaged them. Each one must pay $50 to see how you may have misused them. This is mass marketing extortion.

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DB says: “People make the assumption that wristbands are associated with a charity, but that isn’t always the case.”

Thanks for emphasizing the obvious. I am glad I did not need to pay $50 to get this incredible insight.

DB Says: “It’s certainly not right to be taking credit for something that the government is already doing. It is very serious for a charity to give the impression that it is doing what the government is doing.”

Yes, kind of like you pretend to be doing, keeping charities in line…right?

DB says: “Americans are stuck at giving 2 percent of their income to charity. What that means is that it’s a fixed pie. … Unless people change their behavior, a lot of giving will be taken away from other groups.”
DB also said: “The Number 1 reason Americans give is because they’re asked.”

How can these both be true? They will only give 2% if they are asked? Will they still give 2% if there are no direct mail and telemarketing requests for donations? If you believe this, it explains your irrational hatred of the cost of fundraising. Life is not a zero sum game.

DB says: “When a big disaster happens, it heightens the philanthropic impulse.”

So we are stuck at 2% unless there is a disaster. The Good/Bad news is that there is a disaster every year. I guess if you believe this then hurting other charities would leave more money for yours. You could then get a bigger piece of the pie.