Charity Watch Watch


See which charity raters get an F grade from Charity Watch Watch and who you can trust for information about non-profits.

Guidestar: A+

Why does Guidestar get an A+ in our book?  Because they don’t attempt to use arbitrary measurements to rate charities and pass judgement, they simply present  information on charities that donors can use to make an informed decision.

From their website: “GuideStar does not judge nonprofits; it is not a watchdog organization, we practice neutrality. GuideStar’s goal is to help donors make their own judgments, based on the information provided on the Web site.”

Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance: C

For middle of the road information, the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance can be a decent source of information. They take more into consideration than just financial measures, but they require a hefty annual fee from non-profits to get their “seal of approval.”

Charity Navigator: D+

Charity Navigator gets a D grade from Charity Watch Watch because of their inherent conflict of interest by accepting money from the charities they rate. They also pass judgement on these charities based on a few numeric indicators without taking into consideration the positive outcomes of a charities programs.

Charity Watch/American Institute of Philanthropy: F

Not only does Daniel Borochoff’s so-called “non-profit” rate charities by his own short-sighted measurements, he goes out of his way to damage great charities by lambasting them in the media with unfounded charges as part of his one-man crusade.


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