Charity Watch Watch


1. Q: What gives you the authority to rate watchdogs?

A: The same thing that gives the watchdogs the right to rate charities. Absolutely nothing.

2. Q: Why are you and most of your contributors anonymous?

A: Because the enemies of charity do not play fair. OK. Neither do we. We have to protect ourselves from retaliation from these self-appointed bullies.

3. Q: Are your ad hominem attacks against Daniel Borochoff fair?

A: No. They are about as fair as his attack of honest charities.

4. Q: Why is it important to look deeper into the practices and voices of the charity watchdogs? Why do we watch the watchers?

A: We believe in standing up for the little guy. Of course it’s important for charities and non-profits to be held accountable for the work they do and the results they achieve, but when honest people are being hurt because of the short-sighted grumbling of so-called charity watchdogs, we can’t stay silent. Charity bashing may be in vogue, but it’s the poor, the needy, the hungry, and the children who suffer when donors are scared away from giving and charities are paralyzed. In an environment where it’s hip to blast charities and find scandal under every rock we call “hip-ocrisy” on the part of the charity watchdogs whose practices are far more deceptive and hypocritical than the charities they are supposedly rating.

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